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A place to remember
The Sea Horse Store : Laguna Beach, Florida
Image above from a 1950's post card    Click-on image for a larger view    This page was last updated on November 12th, 2015
Located on Beach Road U.S. 98 about 10 miles west of Panama City, Florida, the Sea Horse served as grocery store, post office, laundermat,
restaurant (originally called Joy's Dining Room -- click-on here to view menu and ad sheet), cottage rental office, game room and gift shop.
From 1948 thru 1968, the Sea Horse was owned and operated by Grier C. Barnhart of Laguna Beach.    Mr. Barnhart himself came up with the
Sea Horse name. After selling the store, Mr. Barnhart (click-on here to view 1950s photo w/daughter Joy, wife Pansy) ran a cottage rental
and real estate office behind the Sea Horse building until his passing in April of 1978.

Sometime after the end of the 1960's, the Sea Horse became just a laundermat and game room. The Charlie Lahan Carousel, located a few
yards west of the Sea Horse and in business since the 1960's, took up where the Sea Horse had left off, serving as home to a grocery store
and gift shop, plus the Laguna Beach Post Office.

For many years from the 1980s into the early 2000s, the Sea Horse was known as the Sea Horse Cafe. Shortly after the 4th of July 2002,
the Sea Horse Cafe closed its doors for good. The building was torn down and a mini-condo complex now sits on the property.

I am currently looking for any photos, articles, ads and memorabilia related to the Sea Horse, as well as the Little B'Ham (Birmingham) Lounge
and Liquor Store.
The Little B'Ham was the only Laguna Beach establishment (as far as I know) to be located on the beach side of US 98 (Front
Beach Road). The B'Ham was in existence until the early 1970's.

Little B'Ham Images, 1950s    Advertisement - Large    Advertisement - Medium    Close-Up - Large    Close-Up - Medium

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Images from the early days --- Click-on each for a larger view.
      May 1948   -- before the front entrance was modified.

   Sea Horse ... May 1948
      Early 1950's   -- with front entrance patio cover added.

   Sea Horse ... Early 1950's

July 5th, 2002 --- Last Photos of the Sea Horse Building before it was taken down
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   1: Front of Store - Centered

   2: Front of Store - looking right

   3: Back of Store   Mr. Barnhart and his friends often brought fish they had caught to be cleaned, usually doing so
   in front of the workshop door located in the middle near right part of this image.

   4: Right Side of Store   At various times this portion housed either a gift shop, game room or bar-lounge.

   5: Left Side of Store   Mr Barnhart's office (nearest to road) and private quarters (towards back of store) were here.

   6: Looking westward towards Charlie Lahan's Carousel from behind SeaHorse

   7: Looking westward towards Charlie Lahan's Carousel   The Carousel sign is a little right of center in the image.

   8: Looking eastward towards Panama City Beach   Photos 7 & 8 taken across the road from the front of the SeaHorse.

Present Day --- Aerial views of the old Sea Horse property with the new condos.
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   1: Wide view, showing nearby Charlie Lahan's Carousel

   2: Close view, showing mainly just the condos

One of my Grandmother's favorite games.

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