Hi, I'm Frank, a 50-Plus-year-old (Yipes!) sometimes
computer and internet enthusiast from Alabama, US-of-A!

Personal interests include ....
Viewing art -- mainly paintings, drawings, photographs and
ceramics; golf; baseball; reading; computers; internet; cats;
road maps and road travel; architecture (mainly Spanish,
Tuscan and Mediterranean homes); occasional dining out.

This is, and has been for over 15 years, my only web-site.
Nothing fancy here, not too much original stuff to show, but
I am making progress. Thanx-A-Lot and Enjoy.

* * * Very Special Personal Links * * *

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1952 Phenix City - Russell County Alabama Brochure
   Mentions many things about Phenix City and Russell County -- except of course for certain after dark activities that were still going on at the time.

My Favorite Music   This list will grow - and GROW!! So please check back often.

A Father's Day Card to my Father, early 1960's        A Mother's Day Card to my Mother, 1998

Arch B. Ferrell - Letter and Envelope 1939

The Sea Horse Store   Fondly remembered (by family and friends) landmark in Laguna Beach, Florida

The St. Patrick School     Phenix City AL. Class Photos, Graduation Lists and Nostalgia Items for the group that attended from 1963 to 1972.

1972 Pacelli High School Student Handbook
   Rules and regulations, academic or otherwise, that every Pacelli student had to know.
   Pacelli High School was and still is located in Columbus, Georgia. Includes links to Pacelli and St. Anne's.

Alone With Your Thoughts

Rough Guide Who in the !!!! is ?   "Very Dangerous" personal info about yours truly !!

* * * Additional Info About Me * * *
USA Today; any newspaper's sports section; World Almanac; PGA and LPGA Tour Golf Media Guides; Baseball Encyclopedias;
classic editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica and its yearbook; Sandra Brown's Exclusive; James P. Hogan's Thrice Upon A Time;
Robin Lee Graham's Dove; Dick Enberg's Humorous Quotes for All Occasions; The New Thought Police, as well as The Death of Right
and Wrong, both by Tammy Bruce.

Since 2006, the author has developed a fetish for books dealing with Spanish, Mediterranean, Tuscan and Andalusian-style houses. Of course,
he can afford only the books!! The houses are another matter, as they are definitely not -- "Just A Dollar Down, And A Dollar A Week!"

   Dan Sater's "Sater Design", "Luxury Home Plans" and "Mediterranean Home Plans"
   Bassenian-Lagoni's "Pure California" and "Tuscan and Andalusian Reflections"
   "Casa California" by Elizabeth McMillian (text) and Melba Levick (photography)
   "Dream Homes of Texas" - Jolie Carpenter
   "Creative Home Designs" -- Sugi, Skolnik and Buchholz
   "Casa Mediterranea" -- Massimo Listri (photography) and Nicoletta del Buono (text)
   "The Mediterranean House in America" -- Lauren Weiss Bricker (text) and Juergen Nogai (photography)

George Pal (When Worlds Collide, War of the Worlds. The Time Machine); Giant (1956-James Dean, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor);
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958-Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor, Burl Ives); The Big Chill; The Paper Chase; The Right Stuff; Fargo;
Dead Man Walking; True Lies; The Fugitive; Attack of the Killer Tomatoes; Trekkies and Trekkies-2 (about those crazy Star Trek fans)
BONUS    Some Memorable (for me) Movies from the 1980's

Baseball (Braves, Cubs, Red Sox); Golf (PGA Tour, Ryder Cup, The Masters); World Cup Soccer; ESPN's Sportcentury-50 Greatest Athletes;
College Football (Alabama Crimson Tide, Georgia Bulldogs); classic NFL Films and Olympiad highlights

E.R.; Law and Order-Special Victims Unit; A & E Biography; VH-1 Behind the Music; Ken Burns' Baseball; Harrod Blank's Wild Wheels;
Ross McElwee's Time Indefinite; Science and Nature Specials; Carl Sagan's Cosmos; Our World (1986-87): ABC News history program
hosted by Linda Ellerbee and Ray Gandolf; Robert X. Cringely's Triumph of the Nerds; Later with Bob Costas (1988-1994); Forensic Files;
The Fugitive (1963-1967); The Travel Channel's "World's Best" series - when the late William Hootkins (that Voice of Doom guy) narrated.