Fonts used for this display   Happy New Year" -- Canned Goods      "Rattle Your Cans" -- Impress BT

True Type 01

True Type 02

True Type 03

True Type 04

Script Fonts

Christmas Holiday Cheers

How Many Ways Can You Say WAFFLE HOUSE ??

Frank's Humble Abode

Fonts used for this display
"Frank's Humble Abode" -- Canned Goods
"An Uncanny Web-Site" -- Hot Dog 2ooo
The two sets of five-color lights -- Crackman (Inverted and Touched-Up Period Symbol)

BaseBall 2004

Fonts used for this display
"Baseball" -- American Dream
"2004" -- Framework

DOS 98

"Revenge" and "Paranoid" headliners use "Creepy" font.

Sci Fi TB

Sci Fi TC

"Fgf 2001's" -- Cosmic Age | "Dedicated 2 B" -- Hot Dog 2ooo.

Zye Fye
Extended Cosmic Age

Cool Site
"Crackman" font -- A take-off on Pac Man.

Cool FGF Animated
"Framework"    "Boxed In"    "One Hour Photo"    "Hot Dog 2ooo"    "Canned Goods"

Uses of the "Caveman" font

Future FGF 2001

TSU 2001