Previous Update History :: 2001

=== December 10th, 2001
:   The Bizarre Links Page has been added. It was created from the old BIZARRE
.   section of the Miscellaneous Page.

=== December 1st, 2001
:   A Patriotic Audio Files Link was added to the World Trade Center Links Page.
.   The link takes you to a web-page where you can listen to/download Red Skelton's
.   "Pledge of Alligiance" as well as BOTH the Byron MacGregor and Gordon Sinclair
.   versions of "The Americans".

=== November 14th, 2001
:   A Patriotic True Type Fonts site was added to the Scroll-Bar menu on the
.   Fonts, Graphics and Imagery page.

=== November 11th, 2001
:   Integrated the Site Map page into the Home Page. All references to the former Site Map
.   page have been taken out.

=== November 8th, 2001
:   Took several items off the Home Page and placed them elsewhere.

:   Given separate pages: World Trade Center Links and Multi-Choice Scroll-Bar Menu

:   Very Special Personal Links added to the About Me page.

:   Added more links to the Information about the Perpetual Calendar page.

=== November 3rd and 8th, 2001
:   Added more of my site pages to the Full Site Map page.

=== October 9th, 2001
:   Updated the PowerBASIC Links section of my Computers-Internet-Webmaster Page.

.   Routines for a perpetual calendar program as well as a simple little screen saver
.   program are included.

=== September 24th, 2001
:   Added link to the Golf Purse Program page.

.   This downloadable program -- called GOLFMONY.EXE -- is designed to take the total
.   official prize money offerred at each PGA Tour event and break the purse down into
.   individual place prizes. Program was created by me using the PowerBasic language.

=== September 12th, 2001
:   Added several links, including a Google Search Link, related to New York City's
.   World Trade Center on the Was Once the World's Tallest Structure page.

=== August 31st, 2001
:   Changed name of Internet-100 Megs page to Computer, Internet and WebMaster Links-Info Page

=== August 3rd thru 5th, 2001
:   Re-organized and expanded the Scroll-Bar Menu section on the Home Page.

Previous Update History :: 2001

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=== July 27th-30th, 2001
:   Navigation Buttons added to the top and bottom of several major site pages.

=== July 27th, 2001
:   Updated the Home Page as well as the BrewPubs and Eateries page.

=== July 17th, 2001
:   Updated the Internet and 100-Megs Page.  Additions include --

.   Two CNN articles on Doug EngelBart (PC Mouse creator); More Search Engine links.
.   More links to the Netscape archives site as well as to Netscape itself.
.   Links to Opera Web Browser Sites.

=== July 14th, 2001
:   Launched the Street Signs and Roadside Objects Page

=== July 9th, 2001
:   Rough Guide Page given its own folder! We dare ya to take a peep!

=== June 28th, 2001
:   Adding BraveNet Guestbooks to various pages on the site!

=== June 18th, 2001
:   On June 15th 2001, the BaseBall 2004 page was updated, superceding all other
.   previously submitted versions. On June 17th 2001, my Alternatives to the
.   Designated Hitter page was revised and restored to the web-site. Links to
.   these baseball pages can be found on both the home page and the Full Site Map Page.

=== May 10, 2001
:   Party Hearty, Dudes! HOT-DOG.ORG added to BrewPubs and Eateries Page.
.   Included a special link to a yummy, yummy photo gallery.

=== May 2nd & 3rd, 2001
:   New items added to Miscellaneous Links Page, including "Classic Speakers", "Soda
.   Stuff" (famous soft drink collectibles) and four house plans sites.

:   Also, the Miscellaneous Links Page has been re-organized into sections: Schools
.   and Class Reunions; Travel and Places-to-Go; Miscellaneous; Bizarre.

Previous Update History :: 2001

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=== April 25th thru 29th, 2001
:   Home Page re-organized into four sections: Header, Image Banners, Scroll-Bar Menus
.   and Footer.

:   Added an "About Me" page, which is -- about me! Links to it already on Home Page and
.   Site Map Page. To be added to other main pages as they are individually updated.

:   Added a mix of links (including some Star Wars sites) plus new Header and Footer
.   banners to Sci-Fi page.

=== April 15th thru 21st, 2001
:   Links to 3 Chain Letter sites added to Miscellaneous Section of the
.   Miscellaneous Links Page.

:   Added a special notice about old VHS video cassette tapes. Find it in the "Special
.   Interests" menu on the home page.

:   World Wide Web famous Garlic-Cheddar Cheese Biscuit recipe link added to my
.   BrewPubs and Eateries Page. You'll find it in the "Miscellaneous Stuffings"
.   section. Check it out!

=== April 12th, 2001
:   Expanded the size of the home page Scroll-Bar menus so that now up to five
.   items are visible.

:   Added links for AA Road's Southern Road Trips on the Miscellaneous Links
.   Page, as well as within the Special Interests menu on my home page.

:   Image Banner links (BrewPubs and Eateries, Rough Guide) have been placed
.   on the FULL SITE MAP page.

=== April 10th, 2001
:   Links to SPIDER-FOOD.Net, a search engine tips and advisory site, including their
.   Bulletin Board Forum, have been added to the Internet-100 Megs Page. On April
.   12th, these same links were added to the WebMaster Utility menu on my Home Page.

=== April 3rd, 2001
:   Masters Tournament banner {with link to official site} added to Home Page
.   and Golf Stuff Page.

:   Felix the Cat link added to "Special Interests" menu on home page.

:   Changes at the PGA Tour's official site necessitate directing surfers to
.   a "Broken Link" page, which will remain up until broken links are restored.

:   Link to self-made "PGA Tour Exemptions for 2001" page added to "Golf Stuff" menu
.   on Home Page, as well as the "PGA Tour-Golfweb" A-menu on Golf Stuff Page.

:   Added links on Sci-Fi Page.

=== March 30th, 2001
:   Added various search engine links to Internet-100 Megs Page.

:   Added links to LPGA Tour, European PGA Tour on Golf Stuff Page.

=== March 26th, 2001
:   Re-Submitting site to Search Engines thru SUBMIT EXPRESS and BRAVENET.

=== March 25th, 2001
:   Home Page Restored. Some minor page tweaking throughout the site is
.   still in progress.

=== March 6th thru 24th in the year 2001  Ra Ra, Dude!
:   Site was taken off the web by its owner--ME--for a few days, then restored.
.   I am officially re-launching Sunday morning March 25th, 2001.

:   March 24th -- Registered at BRAVENET-dot-Com. Installed their Site Counters on the
.   Site Map page, as well as every page listed on Site Map except for "About Me".

:   A link to this update page has been included on the Site Map Page.

:   Added a feedback message tip on the Internet and 100-Megs page.

=== March 5th, 2001
:   Banner link to "Was Once the World's Tallest Structure" page placed
.   on the Home Page. BrewPubs and Eateries now becomes "Lead-Off Man" in
.   the "Major Pages on my Site" menu on the Home Page.

:   Forgot to mention previously -- On the "Internet and 100-Megs" page,
.   which you can link to from the "Major Pages on My Site" menu, a
.   section devoted to POWER-Basic {DOS and Windows Basic Programming}
.   has been added. Section includes PowerBasic DOS programs that I wrote.

=== March 1st thru 4th, 2001
:   Spano's Restaurant page started.  CONTRIBUTIONS WANTED!

:   Added early-70's Columbus, GA sound bytes to the Home Page.

:   The Site Tracker from eXtreme Tracking has been taken out.
.   Will try out some others later this week.

:   SouthEast U.S. Radar Images {News-Sports-Weather Menu, Home Page} now from
.   Weather Underground at  They are the most up-to-date
.   that I can find.

:   Triple Yahtzee 99 page updated. A printable score-card page is now included.

Previous Update History :: 2001

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=== February 27-28, 2001
:   Look for the Income Tax Planning link {Search Engine Menu, Home Page -OR-
.   Florida-Georgia Lottery Linx Page}. They've just updated for tax year 2001.

:   Added a new search engine -- "Power Probe-72" -- to the Search Engine Menu on the Home Page.

:   Eliminated all references to the former location of my FGF-2001 web site.

:   Experimenting with new protocol that eliminates underlining of Internet
.   Hyper-Links. So far, this has been confined to the "Florida-Georgia
.   Lottery Linx" and "Rough Guide: Who in the !!!!! is this ??" pages.

=== February 23, 2001
:   Sound Bytes are now appearing on the site. Look for sounds on the Fonts,
.   Graphics and Imagery Page, the Internet-100 Megs page, the Florida-Georgia
.   Lottery Links Page and the "Rough Guide-Who in the !!! is this?" page.

=== February 19, 2001
:   Now there are SIX scroll-bar menus on the Regular Home Page. Within several of
.   them are links brought over from the old Master Index Page, which has been
.   retired. All references to the Master Index have been taken out.

=== February 16, 2001
:   Installed a free site tracker from eXtreme Tracking on the Regular Home Page.

:   The Regular Home Page has been made the initial site entry page.

=== February 12, 2001
:   Using HTML table format {for the first time}, the Regular home page
.   was re-done.

=== February 7, 2001
:   Did a long-overdue update of the Sci-Fi Page, adding several new links.

:   Added explanations for 1st CHANCE, 2nd CHANCE  and WASTE-A-TURN on the
.   Triple Yahtzee 1999 Page, which can be accessed from the "Special
.   Interests" scroll-bar menu on the regular Home Page.

=== February 5, 2001
:   Link to video company -- International Historical Films -- added to "Special
.   Interests" scroll-bar menu on regular home page.

=== February 2, 2001
:   "Green Eggs & Ham Recipes" added to Miscellaneous Stuffings section on
.   the BrewPubs & Eateries Page.

=== January 31, 2001
:   Moved my web-site over to 100-Megs-Free-dot-com

=== January 30, 2001
:   Added/Changed several items

 On Mother's Day Card-1998 Page, a Bonus Image was added.

 On the Web-Site Greeting Page, we now show you a cool kitty cat!

 On the Florida-Georgia Lottery Page, information on tonite's
. Big Game JackPot is given.

=== January 29, 2001
:   Added/Changed several items

 On Master Index Page, Miscellaneous section: Added link to Sunshine Skyway photos.

 On Home Page, Major Pages at Web-Site Scroll-Bar Menu: Added links for "Alone with
. your thoughts", "A Place to Remember".

 On Home Page, Special Interest Sites Scroll-Bar Menu: Added link for
. "Florida-Georgia Lottery Links Page".

 On Brewpubs and Eateries Page, Miscellenous Stuffings section: Added link
. and photo for the Key West Grill in Clearwater, FL

=== January 28, 2001
:   Mark Calcavecchia enters the PGA Tour record book. Links to new scoring records
.   have been put up on both the Home and Golf Stuff pages.

=== January 25, 2001
:   YO! Yahtzee Fans. Check out the "Triple Yahtzee 1999" proposal, the link to
.   which can be found within the "Special Interests Web-Links" scroll-bar menu
.   on the Home Page.

=== January 22, 2001
:   Changed image at pre-home page. Added link to VHS tape alert on Home Page.

=== January 21, 2001
:   Added a 4th scroll-bar menu -- "Special Interests" -- to the Home Page.
.   The contents of all four menus have been re-arranged.

=== January 19, 2001
:   Have elected to take Personal Banner Links off the home page. They have been
.   replaced with a scroll-bar menu.

:   Re-doing tops and bottoms of various site pages. When they are finished,
.   the re-done pages will just have top/bottom links for feedback, Home Page
.   and Master Index Page.

=== January 17, 2001
:   Added these links on the BrewPubs and Eateries page -- Dietz and Watson; Fressers;
.   Lil Audrey's and BernKastel FestHaus

=== January 9, 2001
:   The Additional Facts Page that you link to from the bottom of the
.   "Was Once the World's Tallest Structure" page now shows links to listings
.   for Columbus, GA TV stations, as well as U.S. Radio-TV Stations.

:   Within the second Scroll-Bar Menu {bottom of the Home Page} is a link
.   to a Northern Light specific search for "fgf2001".

=== January 8, 2001
:   Added new info to the "PGA Tour events expected to have $4-million purses"
.   page, which can be linked to from either the Home or Golf Stuff pages.

=== January 1, 2001

:   Happy New Year banner greets web-surfers.

:   Updated "Additional Facts" page in the "Was Once the World's Tallest Structure"
.   section.

Previous Update History :: 2001

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