Previous Update History :: 2002 and 2003

=== October 8th, 2003
    Our old friend, The Site Map Page, has been restored.

    New Golf Page -- Personal Golf Commentary & Discussion. Includes links to other new golf pages, including proposed
    format revisions for the Masters, Mercedes Championships, Tour Championship and NEC Invitational; The Real "World
    Golf Championships" -- prior to 1999; Unofficial "Alternative" 2003 PGA Tour Schedule; One-Year Exemptions proposal.

=== July 12, 2003 and August 15th, 2003
    7-12: Updated the Sea Horse page, with image links for the Little Birmingham Lounge and Liquor Store.

    8-15: Added More Classic Panama City Images.

=== June 4th and 11th, 2003
    4th: Added a new page The Annuity Program - calculates Standard Life, Fixed-Length & Alternate Life annuities.

    11th: Published the latest version - 3.21 - of GOLFMONY - the Golf Purse Program.

=== May 28, 2003
    Updated the Information About the Perpetual Calendar page.

    Added a new page The 3000 Year Perpetual Calendar -- Find any day(s) or date(s) from 1 AD to 3000 AD.

=== May 16, 2003
    Recently added Batman, Trekkies and Trekkies-2 links to my Sci-Fi page

=== January 18, 2003
    Fans of the NBC-TV series "ER" can check out my ER links on the Multi-Choice Menu Page.

=== December 19, 2002
    Ongoing updates are being made to the Sea Horse Page.

=== November 5th, 2002
    Please visit the Golf Stuff Page and sample the various links. A few links are personal commentary pages, such as
    "Semi-Official 2003 PGA Tour Schedule", "PGA Tour: In Search of a Real Fall Finish", "Q-School Medalist Deserves
    Higher Exempt Status", as well as "1981 Pensacola Open: The Forgotten Season-Ending Championship".

=== June-July 2002
    Non-major tweakings and modifications to several pages throughout the site.
    No new pages have been added as of 7-16-2002.

=== May 17th, 2002
:   Minor re-arrangements to the Home Page.

=== February 24th-25th, 2002
:   Created a new Top Banner for the Home Page.

:   Made changes to the upper areas of the Sci-Fi and World Trade Center Links pages.

=== January 15th, 2002
:   Added the Sea Horse Store page.

=== January 9th, 2002
:   Following the Home Page's example, the Sci-Fi Page has been re-organized and expanded.

=== January 8th, 2002
:   The Home Page has been expanded to include a Featured Links section.

Previous Update History :: 2002 and 2003

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