Previous Update History :: 2005 and 2006

=== July 21st, 2006
    As of today, I'm at a Brand New Location ... Stop by Anytime ... My New Home Sweet Home was made inactive as of October 2010. At that point, the new url became .... ... My New Home Sweet Home

=== June 1st, 2006
    1942 Walt Disney Morrell Meats Calendar

    Now you can freely view various image size versions of the calendar page for the specific month.

=== May 29th, 2006
    What Is This Fed Ex Cup Series, You Ask? -- Author answers this by looking at past PGA Tour season-ending concepts.

=== April 4th, 2006
    Introducing the Masters Tournament: Media Links and Purse Information Page

=== February 11th, 2006
    Revised and updated information on this page -- Was Once the World's Tallest Structure

=== February 2nd, 2006
    Added this page -- Triple Yahtzee 99 .. Author's personal variation of the popular game.

=== January 1st, 2006
    Updated the Happy New Year page.

=== November 13th, 2005
    Updated this golf page -- 1981 Pensacola Open: The Forgotten Season-Ending Championship

    Recently added more favorites to the My Favorite Music page.

=== April-June-July-August 2005
    PGA Championship Web-Links and Purse Info -- UPDATED at 3:30 PM EDT on 8-15-2005

    US Open Golf Web-Links and Purse Info      British Open Championship Web-Links and Purse Info

    Masters Purse-Media-Tournament Info

    1976 PGA Tour Tournament Regulations and By-Laws Book
    Viewing of the PGA Tour Book is on an invitation-only basis. You may ask for a log-in code just by contacting
    the web-site author, which can be done via the e-mail/contact links found on the entry page.

=== March 17th, 2005
    Holiday Touch -- The St. Patrick's Image Page

=== January 29th, 2005
    Well, Folks --- I've Done It/Not Done It Again!
    Your friendly neighborhood web-site author has been working on a new format for the Site Map Page, but I can't
    seem to get it all together.

    SO! -- Until such time as I can put together a Site Map Page that I think will be user-friendly, all references
           to the Site Map Page have been taken out. Anyone looking for the Site Map Page will be automaticly
           re-directed to this web-site's Home Page.

=== January 17th, 2005
    A Multi-Choice menu is the major new feature of the PGA Tour Prize Money Charts page. Several individual
    prize money chart pages have been updated as well.

    More options will be added to the menu in the coming weeks and months, so please check back often.

=== January 1st, 2005
    Added the My Favorite Music page. It lists many of the author's favorite kinds of music.

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