Previous Update History :: 2ooo

=== December 30, 2ooo
:   Added Northern Light Search Engine on Home {1st scroll-bar menu} and
.   Master Index Pages.

=== December 25, 2ooo
:   Finally, I'm back in my site after a few anxious days. Just some minor changes.

=== December 3, 2ooo
:   Took out Thanksgiving Greeting. Added link to THE VARSITY on BrewPubs
.   and Eateries page.

:   Added Q-School Live Scores and Index links on Home, Golf Stuff pages.

=== November 22, 2ooo
:   Vistors to the site get a Thanksgiving Greeting. You can wait 30 seconds,
.   or click-on the image to advance to the Traditional Home Page. Links to
.   the traditional home page were updated throughout the site.

=== November 2nd thru 18th, 2ooo
:   On Nov. 2nd, added links to Live Scoring {Quick Look} for the Tour
.   Championship and the Southern Farm Bureau Classic on both the Home Page
.   as well as the top of the Golf Stuff page.

.   On Nov. 6th, the links were changed to accomodate the American Express
.   Championship. Updates on this event continued thru Nov. 10th.

.   On November 18th, the golf links under the Golf Stuff Banner on the home
.   page were changed again. Now they are -- {1} 2001 PGA Tour Schedule;
.   {2} Events $4-Million-or-more; {3} PGA Tour Prize Money Charts.

=== October 31, 2ooo
:   Added additonal facts to the "Was Once the World's Tallest Structure" page.

=== October 20, 2ooo
:   More page banners created and added to the Home Page.

=== October 19, 2ooo
:   Created BrewPubs and Eateries Page banners. One has blue letters and is found
.   on the Home Page, while another had red letters
.   and is at the top of the BrewPubs page.

=== October 14 and 15, 2ooo
:   Changes and additions to these pages    
.   Master Index, BrewPubs & Eateries, Graphics and Sci-Fi.

=== October 9th, 2ooo
:   Updated the BrewPubs & Eateries Page.
.   Also put up a post in the 50-megs Social Bulletin Board Forum, asking for links.

:   Created jump-to links to the two 50-megs BBS Forums -- Technical Support and Social.

=== October 8th, 2ooo
:   Incorporated various news, sports, weather, time and search engine service links into the
.   Primary Scroll-Bar menu on the Home Page

:   Added IrFanView section to the Graphics Page.
.   Can also be reached from the home page's primary Scroll-Bar Menu.

:   Added a 2nd Scroll-Bar Menu to the home page with links that were of importance mainly
.   to me. Some of these links may come in handy when I'm somewhere other work or home.

=== October 2nd, 2ooo
:   Introducing a new page spotlighting BrewPubs & Eateries
.   Page will be jazzed up a bit with colorful images and graphics at a later time.

=== October 1st, 2ooo
:   Created a new folder -- inet50 -- and transferred the Internet/50-Megs, Graphics
.   and Log-In Tips pages to there, along with the current and past updates pages.

:   Making access to major folders {Home-Master-Golf-SciFi-Internet & 50-Megs}
.   standard throughout the web-site.

=== September 28th, 2ooo
:   Re-worked the home page, adding a new FGF-2001 flashing logo display.
.   Also, added direct links to the main sections of this site.

:   Moved True Type Fonts section from Master Index to a separate page.

=== September 23rd, 2ooo
:   Added to 50-Megs/Internet Page: Links to Doug Engelbart, inventor of the Mouse.

=== September 21st, 2ooo
:   Easy-to-use Scroll-Bar Menus now standard through-out the site.
.   Scrolling feature allows a menu to have dozens of options within it.

=== September 20th, 2ooo
:   Transferred the 50-megs portion of the Master Index  onto its own page.
.   Included on the new 50-megs page are links to ULEAD's Lite Version GIF Animator.
.   On September 28th, 2ooo, ULEAD links were moved to new graphics page.

=== September 17th, 2ooo
:   Started a "Fonts Wanted" section in the True Type Fonts portion of my
.   Master Index Page. Removed "Fonts Wanted" on 9-27-2ooo.

=== September 16th, 2ooo
:   Added a self-made HTML Programming Tip to the Master Index, then learned that it was
.   WAY TOO HOT!! for the purpose intended so I took it off. Oh, well! Somedays you learn
.   that grilled chicken salad is much healthier than a cheeseburger! Nuff Said!

:   Some self-made animated GIFs added to Master Index Page.

=== September 14th, 2ooo
:   Added Classic Christmas Photo Card artwork samplers on Master Index Page

:   More behind the scenes page tweakings--a work in progress!

=== September 10th, 2ooo
:   The "Once Was World's Tallest {Tower}" pages have been re-done.
.   Have made all images clearer and easier-to-view.

:   Other pages have received some "little tweakings" here and there.

=== September 7th, 2ooo
:   Recommending that site vistors use VGA resolution of at least 800 x 600
.   to view pages. I will be re-sizing some images and re-doing text layouts
.   on many pages.

:   Drop-Down Menus with "GO" Button now standard throughout the site.

=== September 6th, 2ooo
:   Added links to PGA Tour Stats on Golf Stuff page
:   Added a link to Warp-20 scale on Sci-Fi Page
:   Replaced "FGF 2ooo" with "FGF 2001" on some pages and images
:   Put up a new image to greet folks with on the Home Page.

=== September 5th, 2ooo
:   EUREKA! --- We're finally back up and running after being down the
.   last few days! This site will be known as

.   What happenned is that I had intended to start the fgf2001 site here
.   on August 31st. However, I screwed up badly. I DELETED the site that
.   was already up -- -- BEFORE creating the
.   new fgf2001 site. BIG MISTAKE, FRANK {AKA Jerk-0 to the Max!!}.

.   50-Megs had just started maintenance procedures and NO NEW SITES
.   could be created until today, Tuesday Sept 5 !!!

Previous Update History :: 2ooo

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=== August 31st, 2ooo
:   Changing over to a NEW SITE --
.   This update page will be preserved so that people can find out
.   how my sites have evolved.

=== August 26th, 2ooo
:   Delays! Delays! Sci-Fi page may wait until Sunday Aug 27th

:   Trimming down some of the options in several Option
.   Selector Bars. Aim is to have no more than 10 choices
.   in each bar.

=== August 25th, 2ooo
:   Warning! Warning! Working on a Sci-Fi page.
.   May debut Saturday afternoon 8-26-2ooo

:   Changed Scoring Update Links in the PGA Tour-Golfweb Option
.   Selector Bar on the Golf Stuff Page.

=== August 23rd-24th, 2ooo
:   Added two Option Selector Bars to Home Page
.   1st bar selects any sub-section link from my Master Index page
.   2nd bar selects some special links

:   Added several Option Selector Bars to Master Index Page
.   one bar selects any sub-section link on the Master Index
.   another bar, in Miscellaneous section, selects LOTTERY Links

=== August 21st, 2ooo
:   Beginning of major revisions to Master Index and Golf Stuff Pages.
.   Will use Option Selector Bars in various categories on the pages.
.   The option bars will have a TIPS link so that users can learn
.   how to make selections.

=== August 19th, 2ooo
:   On Home and Master Pages--Special Link on a world-famous TV Tower

:   Added links to PGA Championship on Golf Stuff Page

=== August 16th, 2ooo
:   Completely transferred from an old 50-Megs location to this one
.   As a result, several pages were updated to reflect this change

:   Created sub-directories for various images in the image folder
:   Updated Golf Stuff page with new Golf Channel Links

:   Check it out -- link to "The Free Site's Directory of Font Sites" was
.   added to the Master Index

=== August 13th, 2ooo
:   Discovered the 50-Megs Users Bulletin Board. Added it to Master Index

=== August 12th, 2ooo
:   Updates to many pages delayed by Internet network problems.
.   Despite these difficulties, page updates are being completed now.

:   Taking out entry-level Auto-Jump page for now.
:   Put up completely re-done 1981 Pensacola Open commentary page.

=== August 11th, 2ooo
:   Added a 4th True Type Fonts Sampler Image on the Master Index page.
:   Added a link to some of my favorite things on the MY HOME page
:   Minor re-arranging of Master Index and Golf Stuff pages

=== August 9, 2ooo {NOTE -- See also August 8, 2ooo below}
:   Modest application of graphical images, beginning with displays on
.   the MY HOME page as well as the Master Index page.

:   Start of major changes to 1981 Pensacola Open commentary page. A new
.   introduction was added, and the page was split into headlined sections.
.   In about one to three days from this day, the current plain ASCII text
.   will be changed in favor of an easier-to-read True Type Font style.

:   Added IrfanView link to Miscellaneous section on Master Index Page
:   Added two self-made gag links on the Master Index Page

:   Added CNN-SI E-Mail Link on Master Index Page.
:   Golf and Baseball commentary-info pages FEEDBACK link has been
.   changed. E-Mail messages now go to my CNN-SI address. Non-sports
.   e-mail messages will still go to my ComputerMail address.

=== August 8, 2ooo
:   Added this Update Page ................... HOPE YOU LIKE IT!
:   Added 3rd Fonts Sampler Image

:   Made the Golf Stuff Index a page unto itself, along with a direct link
.   to it --

:   Added 50-Megs Log-In Link {It's a Goodie, Too!} to Master Index Page

:   Began adding return links on the bottom of several of my pages
.   This process will continue over the next few days.

:   Began re-sizing some displayed images. Helps quite a-lot !!

=== August 7, 2ooo
:   Added 1st and 2nd Fonts Sampler Images
:   Added Two Highly Recommended True Type Fonts Sites to Master Index
:   Added Mother Day's Card to Master Index Page
:   Expanded Golf Stuff section on Master Index Page

:   Moved all opinions out of Current Opinions section on Master Index Page
.   Golf opinions moved to Golf Stuff section
.   Baseball Opinions moved to Sports section

:   Added E-Mail and 50-Megs.Com Section on Master Index Page
:   Added to several pages--return links to Master Index and/or Home Page

=== August 6, 2ooo
:   Expanded the Master Index Page to include Golf Stuff Section

=== August 5, 2ooo
:   Changed the default entrance page for this FGF 2ooo Web-Site.
.   A JUMP SCRIPT was installed to re-direct web browsers to my preferred
.   home page.

=== August 1-5, 2ooo
:   A basic Master Index Page was constructed and added to the Web-Site

:   Master Index contained links to Yahoo, Altavista search engines;
.   Southeast Weather Radar; Universal Time from the U.S. Government;
.   News and Sports Services; Current Opinions; Some school web-sites;
.   Miscellaneous Items.

=== Mid-July 2ooo
:   Signed up @ 50-Megs.Com and started this FGF 2ooo web-site

:   Convinced ABC-CBS-NBC that "Jack Happy Cheesenuts" was a cool phrase!

Previous Update History :: 2ooo

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