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created June 29 2005 ... 260+ megabytes of mp3 info
NOTE .... Be aware that volume varies - A LOT - from file to file

Folder 6600_Jefferson Airplane

 Go To Her ... 1966 version recorded with Signe Toly Anderson. The song
                would be re-recorded in 1967 with Anderson's replacement, Grace Slick.

 Let's Get Together ... Although the Youngbloods' version of Chet Power's
                         song is better known, the Airplane's 1966 version is
                         a winner in its own right.

Folder 7200_CashmanWest (Terry Cashman and Tommy West)

 American City Suite .. Cashman and West's 1972 tribute to the Big Apple

 Medicine Man .. 1969. Cashman, West and Pistilli as the Buchanan Brothers

 Son of a Loving Man ... same as Medicine Man

 Sunday Will Never Be the Same .. Early 70s. Briefly features Judy Collins

  Cashman and West were also known as producers, Jim Croce being among
  their clients.

Folder 7201_SteelyDan

  Here are three from "Can't Buy a Thrill" album that deserve special notice

 Brooklyn Owes the Charmer Under Me ... David Palmer vocals

 Dirty Work ... David Palmer vocals

 Only A Fool Would Say That

Folder 7204_FleetwoodMac

 Homeward Bound ... Christine McVie's ode to a musician's life on the road.

 Did You Ever Love Me ... Reggae-flavored Christine McVie number

 Sunny Side of Heaven ... instrumental

 Caught in the Rain ... instrumental
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created June 29 2005 ... 260+ megabytes of mp3 info
NOTE .... Be aware that volume varies - A LOT - from file to file

Folder 7240_Mix01

 Darling Be Home Soon ... from "Slade Alive" (1972 Live in Concert LP)
                           John Sebastian's classic as interpreted by the English
                           hard rock group. A "Spontaneous Moment" before the 3rd
                           verse is a highlight, because of the words that follow.

 House of the Rising Sun ... The Frijid Pink version

 I Can Feel Him in the Morning ... Grand Funk Railroad album classic

 Shotgun (aka Riding Shotgun on the 442)

          ... BONUS from 1975. Moody Blues drummer Graeme Edge did a solo album
              with Adrian Gurvitz, and this song stands out.

Folder 7240_Mix02

 AHDN (Another Hard Day's Night) .. One of the instrumental tracks from the USA
                                     version of the Beatles' HELP soundtrack, done
                                     primarily with Indian instruments.

 Amazing Grace ... Judy Collins' immortal 1970 rendition

 Here Comes the Sun .. Ritchie Havens' brilliant cover of George Harrison's song.

 Marching To Pretoria .. The Smothers Brothers (Dick and Tom) before a live audience
                          sometime in the early 60s. Some real fun moments here.

Folder 7250_JohnKeating

BONUS -- Although not heard on WWRH, perhaps this is a precursor to New Age.

Keating, a British music maker and producer, released an album called "Space Experience"
in 1972, which includes these instrumentals (original artists) --

 Rocket Man  (Elton John)

 Sound of Silence (Paul Simon)

 Star Trek (Alexander Courage)
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created June 29 2005 ... 260+ megabytes of mp3 info
NOTE .... Be aware that volume may vary from file to file

Folder 7273_Ads

 Macebeth CC 1973 ... The Shakespeare play comes to Columbus College

 Pant-A-Rama ... A long gone Columbus clothing store

 Radio Free USA #1 ... An ode to "Desiderata" -- if not "Deteriorota"

 Radio Free USA #2 ... Roger Miller says it swings. When originally recorded,
                        a portion of the ad was cut off.

 The Sound Center ... Early 70s stereo store. I believe the voice to be that
                       of the late Chuck Harris. 

 Twilight Zone on WYEA-38 ... Captured from a crudely made February 1973 home
                               recording. You hear both a promo for the TV show,
                               as well as a TV-38 Station Identification.

Folder 7273_RHPeople

 Gambler, Gambler ... Decent low quality recording. That may be Lou Nelson's
                       voice at the beginning.

 Repore CC 1973 ... This was actually recorded two days (Sunday Feb 11th) after
                     the "Big Snow of 1973". It's the end of the show, and an
                     unidentified lady announces that Columbus College classes
                     are called off on Monday.

 Susan Quincy #1 ... Miss Susan IDs the station.

 Susan Quincy #2 ... Miss Susan introduces a series of album cuts.

Folder 7300_Ufo

U.F.O. was a British sci-fi cult series shown on WRBL TV-3 during 1973.
Selections include the opening track, end credits track and miscellaneous
cues. You also hear the famous "ITC" studio ID music, followed by the
UFO series producer's music.

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created June 29 2005 ... 260+ megabytes of mp3 info
NOTE .... Be aware that volume varies - A LOT - from file to file

Folder 7501_DrDemento

The station that succeeded WWRH-104.9 aired the Dr. Demento show in Columbus
for a short time, beginning late 1975. For precise descriptions of each file's
contents, go the web-link below, and click on the appropriate week's airing.

EXAMPLE - The file 19750928-027-64k-32h-M.mp3 is from the Sept 28 1975 program

Folder 7555_Other

Just some other stuff

 The Americans by Byron McGregor .. 1974 commentary on the state of America

 George Carlin's "Hair" ... from the Ed Sullivan Show

 Deposit A Trillion -- What E.T. really heard when he said "Phone Home"

 In Memoriam, March 1997 ... From the Academy Awards (best of 96) broadcast.
                              I'm trying to ID the artist and source of the
                              background music.

 LBC Jazz ... Brief amateur instrumental created by a relative of mine.

 The Prisoner 68 .. Low Quality. The introduction theme from episode one.

 Probe Theme 1972 ... A movie called Probe, which became short-lived TV show
                       "Search", starring Hugh O"Brain, Burgess Merideth,
                       Doug McClure, Tony Franciosa

 "SOS - Baloney" .. Or, how I mixed together Todd Rundgren and Weird Al Yankovic
                     for my home-made Demented Songs cassette.

 Sugar Sugar by Paul Frees .. a brief sampling of a bizarre interpretation of
                               the Archies' Bubblegum classic. What you won't hear
                               is Mr. Frees saying "Would you like a cookie?".

 The TM Song ... Charlie Lloyd's tribute to the ritual Mahareeshi made famous. Some of
                  the Beach Boys appear as background singers. I apologize for the noise,
                  as this was recorded to MP3 by a friend who didn't bother to clean the
                  record first.

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created June 29 2005 ... 260+ megabytes of mp3 info
NOTE .... Be aware that volume varies - A LOT - from file to file

Folder 9962_BKaempfert

Two of Bert Kaempfert's classics -- "That Happy Feeling" and "Swingin' Safari", the latter
                                    used for years as the theme for TV's "Match Game".

Folder 9984_MiamiVice

Features the two songs from the episode "Calderdon's Demise"

 Voices .. by Russ Ballard. Played at the beginning of the episode.

 What's Love Got to do With It .. by Tina Turner. Originaly played over the episode's
                                   end credits without any interuption or voice-overs.

Folder 9991_AdDemos

 Erin Gray ... star of "Buck Rogers" and "Silver Spoons". Erin appeared at
                2004 DragonCon Sci-Fi convention in Atlanta, and is currently
                scheduled for 2005.

 Kim Crow ... Clearwater FL-based actress, producer, director and voice-over artist

 Thurl Ravenscroft ... voice of "Tony the Tiger". From a 1950s radio ad, I believe.